Versus Market - A Dark Web Review and Status Update


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Jan 21, 2023
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In the shadowy depths of the internet, where anonymity reigns supreme, a marketplace known as Versus Market emerged with grand ambitions. It sought to rekindle the spirit of legendary darknet platforms like Silk Road and Hansa, which were more than mere trading hubs; they were thriving communities. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the enigmatic world of Versus Market, assessing its current state and contemplating its future.

The Versus Project's Vision

The Versus Project, as its creators dub it, envisions a darknet marketplace driven by a commitment to security and community. It acknowledges a disturbing trend within the dark web - a decline in the quality and trustworthiness of marketplaces. Gone are the days of revolutionary counter-culture ideals and technological expertise that once shaped the golden age of Darknet Markets. Instead, we now witness a surge in fly-by-night operations built on reused source codes, leading to widespread mistrust among users.

The Versus Project aims to shift this narrative. Founded by a team of seasoned darknet market veterans, it stands on entirely original source code. The goal isn't to be the biggest player but to be the best, offering unmatched customer support, robust security, rigorous vendor quality control, harm reduction initiatives, and educational programs. The Versus Project is poised to usher in a new era for the dark web.

What is Versus Market Darknet

The aspiration of Versus Market is clear - it seeks to recreate the sense of community that once thrived around platforms like Silk Road and Hansa. However, whether Versus Market effectively accomplishes this objective remains a question mark, subject to its ongoing development.


Versus Market's journey began in early 2019, but it quickly encountered adversity in the form of DDoS attacks, leading to a temporary shutdown. Skeptics labeled it just another scam, yet the platform's administration promises a resurgence. Regular updates on Reddit and ongoing engagement with network members keep the hope of Versus Market alive.

Accessing Versus Market

To access Versus Market, one must navigate the complexities of the Tor network. Detailed instructions are shared through the project's Reddit thread, ensuring users can find their way to the marketplace.

Rules and Prohibited Items

Versus Market imposes strict rules. Account holders must prevent third-party access and avoid manipulating search functions through keyword stuffing. Prohibited items range from pornography and dangerous weapons to doxxing and harmful services. Curiously, the sale and discussion of garlic bread are also forbidden, leaving users to ponder the hidden meaning behind this unusual rule.

Code of Conduct

The Versus Market community prioritizes anonymity and mutual respect. Trolling, insults, and scams are prohibited, and users are encouraged to share opinions and ideas in a friendly manner, avoiding the spread of rumors.

Using Versus Dark Net Market

The typical customer journey involves entering the market through the Tor browser, downloading and saving a PGP key, and validating signed mirrors and canaries. These instructions are expected to remain relevant after the marketplace's relaunch.

Terms of Service

Clients dissatisfied with vendors can seek resolution through the support team or senior moderators. Both parties must agree with the final decision.

Security Measures

The Versus Market administration shares comprehensive plans for cybersecurity and privacy. These measures include two-factor authentication, PGP key verification, image metadata stripping, and strict role hierarchies among moderators, among others.


Once a customer places an order and it is accepted, cancelation becomes impossible. Even the support team lacks the authority to intervene unless the vendor fails to process the order promptly.


Versus Market welcomes vendors with good reputations and encourages customers to leave objective and neutral feedback. Emotional reviews may prompt further investigation by the administration. Customers should refrain from revealing their real geographical locations while reviewing vendors.

What You Can Buy on VS Market

At the time of this review, the availability of products on Versus Market was limited. However, the project tantalizes users with features to come after the relaunch, including the ability to check listing prices in multiple currencies, escrow services for cryptocurrencies, and more.

Pros & Cons

As of now, only two things are certain about Versus Market. On the downside, it has faced sporadic DDoS attacks. On the upside, there is hope that its administration will address this issue in the future.


Versus Market stands as a project with a noble mission - to rejuvenate the dark web's sense of community, security, and trustworthiness. With its commitment to originality and security measures, it aspires to resurrect the golden age of darknet markets. Whether it fulfills these aspirations remains to be seen, but one thing is certain - the enigmatic world of Versus Market continues to intrigue and beckon curious souls into its depths.

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