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Welcome to our Skyrim mod that introduces exciting changes to the appearance of the Khajiit, bringing you a fresh perspective on these beloved feline characters while staying true to the lore. In this instructional guide, we'll dive into the details of our mod, highlighting the significance of Khajiit diversity and explaining how to install it. With improved SEO competitiveness, you'll find it easier than ever to discover and enjoy the enhanced Khajiit experience in your game.

Why Diversity Matters in Khajiit Design
Skyrim's default Khajiit design, reminiscent of lynxes, fits well with the northern aesthetic of the game. However, it doesn't fully capture the rich lore surrounding the Khajiit race. Khajiit morphology is a unique aspect of the Elder Scrolls world, often underutilized in the games themselves. Our mod aims to rectify this by adding diversity to the Khajiit, making their appearance more aligned with the established lore.


Exploring the New Khajiit Varieties*
Our mod introduces seven new Khajiit varieties, each with distinct characteristics that enrich the Khajiit experience in Skyrim. Let's take a closer look at these remarkable additions:

1. Dagi/Dagi-Raht: These Khajiit possess facial features reminiscent of lynxes and are shorter in stature, making them among the smallest of the furstocks.

2. Cathay-Raht: Referred to as 'jaguar-men' by the Imperial Geographical Society, Khajiit of this furstock have unique attributes that set them apart.

3. Ohmes: Resembling Bosmer but sometimes shorter, Ohmes go to great lengths to adopt a feline aspect, often through tattoos or face paint.

4. Ohmes-Raht: In contrast to men and mer, the Ohmes-Raht have a body covered in light fur and a distinctive tail, making them truly unique.

5. Pahmar/Pahmar-Raht: Known for their strength, these Khajiit often serve as bodyguards and warriors, resembling Senche-Tigers in appearance.

6. Suthay/Suthay-Raht: Sharing a similar height and build with the races of man but featuring digitigrade legs, the Suthay-Raht furstock was notably common in Morrowind during the Third Era.

7. Tojay: Little is known about the Tojay, except that they inhabit the southern marshes, jungle regions of Elsweyr, and the Tenmar Forest.


To enjoy the enhanced Khajiit diversity in your Skyrim game, follow these simple steps:

1. Download Our Mod: Visit our website and download the mod file to your computer.

2. Install a Mod Manager: If you haven't already, install a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer. This will make managing mods a breeze.

3. Activate the Mod: Use your mod manager to activate the downloaded mod file. Ensure that it loads after your other mods for compatibility.

4. Start Your Game: Launch Skyrim and enjoy the newly added Khajiit varieties as you explore the world of Tamriel.


With our mod, you can experience Skyrim's Khajiit in a whole new light, staying true to the lore while adding exciting diversity. Whether you prefer the agility of Ohmes or the strength of Pahmar, these new Khajiit varieties will bring fresh life to your adventures. Download our mod today and immerse yourself in the world of Tamriel as never before!


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57610-1679864174-1661612649 (1).png

What is Skyrim Special Edition ?

"Skyrim Special Edition" refers to a remastered and enhanced version of the popular action role-playing game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." It was released by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Skyrim Special Edition was officially launched on October 28, 2016, for various gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

This special edition of Skyrim offers several improvements and upgrades over the original release, including:

1. Graphical Enhancements: Skyrim Special Edition features a significant graphical overhaul. It utilizes a more advanced version of the Creation Engine, offering improved visuals with dynamic lighting, new shaders, enhanced water effects, and higher resolution textures. The game also includes support for mods on consoles.

2. Stability and Performance: The game is optimized for modern hardware and operating systems, resulting in improved stability and performance. Players experienced fewer crashes and better frame rates compared to the original version.

3. All DLC Included: Skyrim Special Edition includes all the downloadable content (DLC) released for the original game, such as Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. Players can access all of this additional content in one package.

4. Mod Support on Consoles: Console players, particularly on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, gained the ability to use mods for the first time in the Special Edition. This opened up a world of user-generated content and enhancements to the game on these platforms.

5. Compatibility with Older Mods: While the game was upgraded, Bethesda ensured that many popular mods from the original Skyrim could be relatively easily ported or made compatible with the Special Edition.

Overall, Skyrim Special Edition provides both newcomers and longtime fans of the game with an improved and more visually stunning experience, making it a great way to revisit the land of Skyrim and its epic adventures.

Why add modifications to Skyrim Special Edition ?

Adding modifications (mods) to Skyrim Special Edition can significantly enhance and personalize your gaming experience in several ways:

1. Visual Enhancements: Mods can improve the graphics and visual quality of the game. This includes high-resolution textures, improved character models, realistic lighting, and enhanced weather effects. Players can create a more immersive and visually appealing world.

2. Gameplay Overhauls: Mods can introduce new gameplay mechanics, balance changes, and features to Skyrim. Whether you want to make combat more challenging, add new spells and abilities, or introduce survival elements, mods can cater to your preferred playstyle.

3. New Content: Mods can expand the game world with new quests, dungeons, locations, and items. This additional content can provide hours of new gameplay, even for players who have already completed the base game.

4. Customization: Mods allow you to personalize your character and the game world to a greater extent. You can find mods that add new character customization options, clothing, and armor sets, giving you more control over your character's appearance.

5. Bug Fixes and Improvements: Some mods are designed to fix bugs, glitches, and performance issues in Skyrim Special Edition. These can lead to a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

6. Role-Playing and Immersion: Mods can enhance role-playing aspects by introducing realistic needs (such as hunger and thirst), expanding NPC behaviors, and adding new dialogue options. This can make your character feel more like a part of the world.

7. Community Creativity: Skyrim's modding community is incredibly creative, and many mods are crafted by talented individuals who share their work for free. Exploring user-generated content can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

8. Replayability: Mods can breathe new life into Skyrim, making it worth revisiting. With the addition of mods, you can explore different storylines, character builds, and challenges in each playthrough.

9. Achieving Specific Goals: If you have specific gameplay goals or challenges in mind, mods can help you tailor the game to meet those objectives. Whether it's role-playing a certain character archetype or achieving a particular questline outcome, mods can assist in achieving your goals.

10. Community and Social Interaction: The modding community is active and engaged. Sharing your experiences and creations, or seeking advice and recommendations, can foster a sense of community among players.

In summary, adding modifications to Skyrim Special Edition allows players to customize and enhance their gaming experience, making it more enjoyable, immersive, and tailored to their preferences. It's a way to extend the lifespan of a beloved game and continue to discover new adventures within the world of Skyrim.

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