IDGod Review: Exploring One of 2023's Best Fake ID Websites


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Jan 21, 2023
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In the ever-evolving world of fake identification, where technology and security measures are constantly advancing, one name has managed to stand out in 2023 as a frontrunner among the best fake ID websites: IDGod. Operating from what's allegedly an urban province in the People's Republic of China, IDGod has earned a reputation as a reliable source for counterfeit identification cards. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the workings of IDGod, its history, the process of obtaining fake IDs, payment options, delivery times, and most importantly, the quality of the IDs they produce.

Fake ID Printing: A Complex Art

Creating convincing fake IDs is no simple feat. It demands state-of-the-art equipment, highly-developed printing machines, and critically experienced staff who can meticulously craft these sensitive pieces of work. The world of fake ID production is rife with challenges, and very few can truly master the art of making duplicate identification cards. Many websites have sprung up and disappeared within a matter of months, victims of their own inability to maintain quality and reliability. But some, like IDGod, have not only withstood the test of time but have also earned a place as a trusted brand in the industry.

IDGod: A Brand in Its Own Right

The website has transcended mere anonymity to become a well-known brand, particularly among college and university students in the United States. Often referred to as the "God of fake IDs," IDGod has acquired various code names in the underground world of underage teens. "China Fakes" and "ChGod" are common monikers, reflecting the website's operations in China. The reasoning behind this choice is simple: many believe that conducting a forgeries business is safer in a country like China, where it operates outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

Another infamous fake ID maker, "IDChief," eventually met its demise when the U.S. government pressured the Chinese authorities to take stern action against the vendor. The IDs produced by IDChief were so convincing that they were deemed a national security threat.

How to Order a Fake ID from IDGod

To provide an in-depth analysis, our blogging team decided to put IDGod to the test. We selected two of our blogging members, based in San Francisco, California, to purchase two Connecticut Driver's licenses from IDGod. We had received numerous positive reports regarding the new template introduced by IDGod, claiming that it went viral and scanned flawlessly at bars and grocery stores. Bloggers A and B were tasked with placing orders to verify these claims.

The IDGod order form is an impressive piece of work in itself. Custom coded, it leaves a positive impression of the website's dynamics. The form provides detailed instructions on how to select your desired state, color, hair, weight, and other license credentials. Furthermore, it offers an option to generate a license number and additional information to encode onto your license. IDGod boasts the rare ability to produce more than thirty different state licenses, making it a top choice for customers across the United States. One notable advantage is the speed of the order process; it takes a mere thirty seconds to submit the order form, a significant improvement compared to waiting minutes for the upload process to complete on other websites.

How to Pay IDGod

Payment options are a crucial aspect of any online service, especially when dealing with sensitive and potentially illegal products like fake IDs. IDGod offers a variety of payment options to cater to its diverse customer base. These options include Western Union, Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card, and even Gift Cards.

For those choosing to pay via Western Union, IDGod typically provides a Western Union Receiver, often located in Ukraine. This arrangement is fairly common, as Ukraine has become an attractive hub for illegal offshore businesses to process payments securely.

Bitcoin, a popular choice among those seeking anonymity, is another accepted payment method. Customers can select between standard and express delivery services when using Bitcoin to complete their transaction.

IDGod's Website and Policies

While the website itself appears straightforward, it's important to note that its theme is custom coded. IDGod has consistently enforced policies against using fake ID images on their site. This decision is driven by two key factors: a desire to maintain the trust of their customers and the belief that word-of-mouth referrals play a significant role in expanding their customer base.

Impressively, IDGod's website boasts an efficient cart system and an active support staff, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for its customers. After submitting the order form, customers can expect prompt responses. Within seconds, they receive a confirmation email from IDGod, complete with an invoice number and instructions on how to track the delivery of their fake ID.

IDGod's Delivery Process

The speed and reliability of delivery are crucial considerations when dealing with fake IDs. IDGod offers two shipping options to cater to different customer needs:

1. Normal Shipping: This option takes approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery. Several factors can influence the delivery time, including production processes, payment methods (cryptocurrency payments tend to process faster), and any erroneous data that may require corrections.

2. Express Shipping: For those who require their fake IDs more urgently, the express shipping option guarantees delivery within about one week.

IDGod Prices

The cost of acquiring a fake ID from IDGod depends on several factors:

- The specific state of the ID (new version or old version).
- The quantity of IDs ordered (with discounts available for larger orders or multiple IDs to the same address).
- The chosen payment option (a 15% discount is offered for Bitcoin payments).

Our tracking experience revealed that within six days, our tracking number arrived, and the USPS service successfully delivered the IDs just a couple of days later. This efficient delivery process left us with a positive impression of IDGod's services.

Identifying the Real IDGod

A notable challenge in the world of fake IDs is identifying the legitimate source. There are several websites using variations of the "IDGod" tag, such as,,,, and, among others. To minimize the risk of losses, it's crucial to identify the real IDGod.

The original website,, provides the most reliable source. Here are the register dates for some of these websites:

- Registered on 2014/07/06
- Identified as a scam website, with a register date of 2015/03/30
- Also labeled as a scam website, registered on 2018/12/14

Is Legit?

To determine the legitimacy of, we referred to resources from Trustpilot, a popular review platform. Trustpilot reviews can provide valuable insights into the reputation and trustworthiness of online services. In this case, Trustpilot's resource for revealed valuable information.

Reddit IDGOD

Reddit has long been a platform for discussing fake IDs, but it's not without its limitations. The subreddit "/r/fakeid," where many such discussions occurred, faced restrictions. Nevertheless, some screenshots from older discussions on the subreddit shed light on IDGod's reputation.

IDGod Email

For those seeking to contact IDGod, the provided email address is

ID God's Best State 2023

While IDGod has garnered a reputation as one of the top fake ID providers, our personal evaluation

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