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Vendor Name: Products / Services (Click Hyperlink for Thread): Date of Verification / Activity:
Python Kingdom (Python Cards)Cloned Cards | Skimming Devices | ATM Malware1/16/2023 | Actively Selling Products
R2D2LogsBank Logs | Western Union Transfers | Giftcards5/13/2023 | Actively Selling Products
Evo CardsCloned CardsPending Verification
Haskell2020Instagram Bans | Instagram Verifications11/21/2022 | Missing in Action (MIA)
Counterfeit Cash FactoryCounterfeit USD Notes | Counterfeit EURO NotesPending Verification
Maximus HackingICloud Logins | Gmail Logins | Account HackingPending Verification
FlightMan23Hotel Bookings | Flight Bookings | Rent PaymentsPending Verification
Apollo88Cracked Accounts | Refunding ServicesPending Verification

Verified Vendor Program - Selection and Approval Process

The Verified Vendor program is a meticulous and rigorous process designed to ensure that individuals granted the "Verified Vendor" status meet the highest standards of trustworthiness and professionalism as established by ShadowForum Executive Governance, represented by Vladimir (ShadowForum CEO/Council) and Benjamin (Crdforum COO/Moderator). This program involves a multifold of stringent prerequisite requirements and standards. Verified Vendors are entrusted with financial transactions for services they have been verified to provide.

Verified Vendor Approval Process

The Verified Vendor approval process is a comprehensive, multi-stage evaluation, incorporating a holistic approach to assess all facets of a vendor's operations to determine their eligibility for the "Verified Vendor" status. This process is divided into three distinct stages: Overview Stage, Reinforcement Stage, and Examination Stage.

Stage 1: Overview

In the Overview Stage, prospective vendors are required to submit a one-page document outlining their motivation for seeking "Verified Vendor" status, similar to a CV or resume application. This stage mandates adherence to specific regulatory standards, including:
  • Description: A comprehensive description of their branding, niche, and product assortment.
  • Qualification: A demonstration of the prospective vendor's competence and suitability for ShadowForum's user base.
  • Distinction: An explanation of unique advantages that set their storefront apart from others in the same niche or market.
  • Background: A detailed account of their past performance, with a focus on disassociating from any involvement in Blackhat Business Operations and providing relevant information regarding the exchange of goods and services to substantiate their claims.

Stage 2: Reinforcement

The Reinforcement Stage requires prospective vendors to provide historical transaction volume and rating documentation for Darknet Markets (DNMs) or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions. This information is subjected to cross-verification to ensure due diligence. The regulatory standards for this stage include:

  • Identification: Verification of the vendor's involvement in Darknet Markets (DNMs) by providing usernames or Blockchain Public Keys, along with text records, for in-house verification of transactions. This verification applies to both DNMs and P2P transactions.
  • Experience: A minimum of 2 to 3 years of verifiable experience in operating a Blackhat Business at a commercial scale through Darknet Marketplaces.
  • Transaction History: A minimum of 150+ confirmed transactions, with a preference for 500+ confirmed transactions, across a diverse product assortment, along with a significant proportion of positive feedback.
  • Pedigree: A cross-referential market analysis to demonstrate expertise and apex rating within their field relative to competitors within the same niche. This analysis is objective and based on numerical and statistical qualities, such as sales and ratings.

Stage 3: Examination Stage

In the Examination Stage, prospective vendors must provide extensive trial tests for the entire assortment of products or services they claim to offer. These trials assess quality, delivery standards, and customer service to ensure that the storefronts align with their descriptions and promotions. Regulatory standards for this stage encompass:

- Quality Check (QC): The product or service must meet the description, advertising, and promotional materials without deviation.
- Delivery Performance: The delivery of the product or service must adhere to advertised timeliness and accuracy.
- Customer Service: Effective and customer-centric communication, including prompt response to inquiries, provision of invoices, and post-purchase correspondence.

Verified Vendor Fees

Upon successful completion of the Verified Vendor Approval Process, vendors are required to pay an annual fee to maintain their "Verified Vendor" status. This fee amounts to $5,000 per year and can be paid in Bitcoin, Monero, or Ethereum, with no installment options. The rationale behind this fee is that ShadowForum serves as the primary platform for the vendor's business, providing them with extensive advertising opportunities on the ShadowForum website and group chat. These advertising avenues require ongoing investment in user growth infrastructure, and, consequently, the Verified Vendor is expected to contribute to this infrastructure's expansion, from which they directly benefit.

If you would like to become a Verified Vendor, please contact the Chief Operating Officer (Telegram: @ShadowForumCoo)
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