Off-White Blazer Reps - Where Should I Cop?


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Dec 31, 2022
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Hey sneakerheads! 👟 I'm in the market for Off-White Blazer reps, and I need your expertise. Any recommendations for trustworthy sellers with top-notch quality and reasonable prices? Drop those suggestions below! 🤝 #OffWhiteBlazer #ReplicaSneakers


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Oct 1, 2023
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Where to Copp (W2C): The Best Replica Off-White Blazer

Option 1: Monica


Wechat: Monicasneaker
Whatsapp/iMessage: +86 1839 6001 806
Reddit: /u/OG_monica
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Option 2: PK Kim


Official PK website:
WhatsApp: +86 199 5950 3333
Instagram: pkdoingthebest2008
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Option 3: Coco


Batches Sold: GD, GP, OWF
NEW Website:
OLD Website Link:
WeChat: coco-s7 | cocosneakersru
Whatsapp: +8618059576801 | +8617850697767
IG: hicocoorg | hicocoorg03
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About: Off-White Blazer

The Off-White Blazer is a sneaker model created as part of the collaboration between Nike and the fashion label Off-White, led by designer Virgil Abloh. This collaboration, known as "The Ten," was unveiled in 2017 and reimagined ten iconic Nike silhouettes with Off-White's distinctive design language. The Off-White Blazer, in particular, is a reinterpretation of the classic Nike Blazer.

Here are some key features and details about the Off-White Blazer:

  1. Deconstructed Design: Virgil Abloh is known for his deconstructed and industrial design aesthetic. The Off-White Blazer follows this theme with exposed stitching, a unique lacing system, and a partially translucent design.
  2. Quotation Marks and Zip Tie: Off-White is famous for incorporating quotation marks and a red plastic zip tie on its products. The Off-White Blazer typically features these signature design elements, adding a playful and conceptual touch.
  3. Patchwork Swoosh: The Blazer often includes a patchwork-style Nike Swoosh with multiple materials and textures, contributing to the deconstructed and DIY look.
  4. "Shoelaces" Text: The word "Shoelaces" is printed on the laces, another characteristic Off-White branding detail.
  5. Materials: The materials used for the Off-White Blazer can vary across different colorways, but they often include a mix of leather, suede, and synthetic materials.
  6. Collaborative Branding: Both the Off-White and Nike logos are typically present on the shoe, showcasing the collaborative nature of the release.
  7. Limited Edition: Like other Off-White x Nike collaborations, the Off-White Blazer is released in limited quantities, making it highly coveted among sneaker enthusiasts.
  8. Iconic Colorways: The Off-White Blazer has been released in various colorways, with each iteration featuring its own unique design elements and color palette.
Keep in mind that specific releases and details may have occurred after my last update in January 2022. To get the latest information on the Off-White Blazer or any new releases, it's recommended to check official sources such as Nike's website or reputable sneaker news platforms.

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